It’s almost the holiday season. Remember last year, when you had to go into storage cabinets to check for holiday lights, install holiday decorations, or climb up to put them in place? These holiday seasons are becoming more difficult and stressful due to the time and effort required, the cost of repairs, and the risk to your safety. Permanent Holiday Lighting will make it so you never have to hang holiday lights ever again. All of your pre-holiday stress and jitters will disappear once you have permanent holiday lighting installed. Enjoy the benefits of permanent holiday lighting for your home or company in Florida from LD Lighting.

No More Holiday Season Assembly and Disassembly

Installing permanent holiday lights would mean that you only need to do one installation and avoid any more headaches and risks.

Use for All-Seasons

Install permanent holiday lights and your home will be ready for any season. There’s no need to worry about installing, taking down, or searching for the right bulbs when you have an event. The lighting professionals at LD Lighting will pre-design and set up your permanent holiday lighting.

Permanent Holiday Lights are Hardly Observable during the Day

Permanent lighting systems are not visible during daylight hours. The lighting caps are hidden in the gutters and roofline, so they are not visible from the street or driveway.

Benefits for Businesses

Commercial businesses can benefit from investing in permanent, multi-colored lighting systems. You can draw customers’ attention to your business by lighting up storefronts. This will result in a multiplicity of marketing productivity points that can be used to increase sales.

With an App, It’s Easy To Use

You can control your permanent lighting systems using any device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or web browser. You can easily change the theme of your home or business with a user-friendly app that uses cutting-edge technology.

One System All Events

This fixed, color-changing lighting system can be used for any event. Show your support for your favorite team or community by supporting awareness and causes. Brighten up your home with pink hues for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or go green for an Eco-friendly month. You can also use unlimited-color lights to brighten social events or occasions with family, friends, and neighbors.

Additional Security Lighting Benefits

A residence or business can increase its security by installing more well-illuminated lights.

Curb Appeal Improves

Multi-colored permanent lighting adds more appeal to your home. Clear light caps can be matched with any architectural design of a residence, business, or establishment that creates a welcoming environment for guests or visitors. The best permanent holiday lighting systems are those that have recessed lights, floodlights, and pathway lights to brighten the outdoor environment.

Gain Status In The Neighborhood

You can be a “public figure” in your neighborhood by having permanent holiday lights. For example, if someone is looking for a place near your house, they can use your brightly lit house to direct them, especially at night.

Increase The Value of Your Home

Because of the many benefits, investing in color-changing fixed lighting can increase your home’s value. It is easier to find a buyer or real estate agent if you intend on selling your house in the future. These permanent lights, with their unique design and high-end technology design, can make the house stand out and help you to sell it.

Convenient & Flexible

The flexibility and convenience of permanent holiday lights are a big plus. The unlimited color options, multiple themes, and ease of control via a mobile app device make holiday seasons enjoyable and more relaxing.

Florida’s Leader in Permanent Holiday Lighting Systems

LD Lighting experts have the experience and are equipped with high-end lighting equipment. They provide premium service for customers who require permanent holiday lighting systems for their homes or business.

For more information on Permanent Holiday Lighting or other lighting products and/or services, please contact LD Lighting today!