How to Design Landscape Lighting

How to design landscape lighting

How to design landscape lighting? Landscape lighting is a great way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces while also providing practical benefits such as increased security and improved visibility. But designing the perfect landscape lighting plan can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure where to start.  Whether you’re a homeowner, […]

Are LED Pool Lights Safe?

Are LED pool lights safe

Are LED pool lights safe? Pool lights that are not working properly can lead to serious health problems This is the truth. Pool lights can be difficult to install and are essential. These lights require electricity. Your swimming pool is filled with water. It is dangerous to combine electricity and water. You will be safe […]

Best Color Temperature for Landscape Lighting

Best color temperature for landscape lighting

Choosing the best color temperature for landscape lighting is important as different color temperatures may provide an unpleasant effect.  The measurement of color temperature refers to the amount of yellowish or bluish tint to white light. High temperature colors are bluish, while low temperatures are yellowish. Human vision can compensate for these tints and sees […]

Does Landscape Lighting Increase Home Value?

Does landscape lighting increase home value

Does landscape lighting increase home value? The answer is, yes. Let me explain why . Landscape lighting is a hot topic when it comes to home improvement and real estate properties. It’s important to highlight the best aspects of your home when selling your house. People often think landscaping is unnecessary and that curb appeal […]

Are Solar Fence Lights Worth It?

Are solar fence lights worth it

Are solar fence lights worth it? Solar fence lights are increasing in popularity and many people are purchasing these products with the best intentions of saving money and staying safe. But why do you need solar fence lights? Can’t you light your perimeter with much more effective options? There are so many questions that come […]

What Are the Best Lights for Around a Pool

Best lights for around a pool

The best lights for around a pool can be used to brighten up an outdoor area, whether it is above-ground or in-ground. They also make the pool area more secure. There are many options on the market for pool lights that are affordable and high quality. You can choose from all-white lights or multicolor lights, […]

Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Best outdoor lighting ideas

When it comes to the best outdoor lighting ideas, it’s all about how you use them. Landscape lights can transform your yard into a beautiful showpiece for all to see. Who wouldn’t want that? Of course, the task of searching for and buying the right kind of landscape lights is a bit overwhelming. There are […]

Unique Landscape Lighting Placement

Landscape lighting placement

Landscape lighting placement has changed over the years in terms of how it is used and where it is placed. Some of these changes have been great and some are better than others. Landscape lighting, when placed properly, can enhance the beauty of your home and inspire pride in you, as the homeowner. These are […]

Energy-Efficient Outdoor Lighting

Energy-Efficient Outdoor Lighting

Energy-efficient outdoor lighting adds to the value of your property while reducing energy consumption. Residential and commercial outdoor lighting can be used to not only beautify your home or business but also improve safety concerns. Outdoor lighting accounts for approximately 10% to 20% of most homes’ utility bills. So why is it that so many […]

Store Bought Vs Custom Landscape Lighting

Custom landscape lighting

Custom landscape lighting can form a great addition to any home. It’s well worth the cost, as it offers great value for money and really transforms your garden. LD Lighting will design and install a custom landscape lighting system to give your home that extra wow factor. In today’s competitive landscape, specialty landscape lighting can […]