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LD Lighting offers multiple different options for lighting up your boat dock. We can install both single-color or color-changing path lights to improve the safety of the boat ramp after dark. In addition, you can control lights in any way that works best for you, from a switch or remote to timers and light sensors.

Also, we can add our popular overhead lights to your boat enclosure. These give off enough light to safely enter or disembark from your boat and can be controlled with any smart device.

​Need even more light for some night fishing or to guide your boat in after a day on the lake? We install lights that illuminate the water beneath your dock. This will make finding your dock in the dark or spotting a fish in the water a breeze. Like the path lights, these can be controlled with a switch, remote, timer, or light sensor.

Boat Dock Lighting

To withstand the harsh marine environment, dock lights must be more durable. This is why so many customers choose our high-quality selection of boat dock lighting. LD Lighting has a wide selection of high-quality dock lighting products that are trusted by homeowners, marina operators, contractors, and retail shops. You can choose from a variety of materials for your dock lights, including bronze, cast aluminum, and heavy-duty brass. They also offer outstanding resistance to corrosion.

We carry a variety of styles and types of marine dock lights, including:

  • Path Lights
  • Deck Solar Lights
  • LED Deck Lighting
  • Color Changing Lights
  • Low-Voltage Deck Lighting 

Dock Lights Support Safe Excursions

Proper lighting can make it easier to navigate your boat in darkness. These lights help boaters to see exactly where they should anchor their boats, thereby reducing the risk of any damage and allowing them to get out on the water.

Apart from this, dock lighting systems are safe and secure, so you can take your family out on the water without worry. This peace of mind is affordable and easily accessible.

The Perfect Dock Light

There are many lighting options to choose from. We have a wide selection of lighting options so you can find the perfect one for you at a great price. 

Solar Dock Lights Are Great for Docking Areas

There are many benefits to installing solar-powered dock lights. These benefits include:

  • Simple installation. A solar dock light is much easier to install than an electrical system since there is no wiring.
  • Lower energy bills. Sunlight powers solar lights, so you will likely see lower power bills over the next few months.
  • Solar lighting systems are low maintenance. The lights can be cleaned and the batteries replaced only occasionally.

Marine Dock Lighting

LD Lighting offers a wide range of LED boat lighting products. We are proud to offer high-quality lighting products that will keep you and your family safe. All are carefully chosen to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

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LD Lighting’s LED boat dock lighting is the best investment you can make! We have the right light for you if you need to brighten any outdoor situation.

You can customize your illumination with our high-quality products. Moreover, we can help you and your family get on the water safely, if you are ready to make a safer approach to your dock contact us today to get boat dock lighting installed today.