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LD Lighting offers solutions for any driveway/pathway lighting. Get in touch and we will be happy to help design your lighting system.

We can design and install new systems and upgrade any Fiber-optic or Halogen systems.

Using LED technology means there are multiple different and innovative ways to light your surroundings.


1. Discrete and clean profile adds great appeal to any driveway.

​2. Light is built from cast aluminum ensuring longevity.

​3. These LED’s are rated for a 30,000-hour life span and are hard-wired so no need to worry about failure.

​4. LED lights outlast any Halogen counterpart and can last a lifetime, meaning bulb replacement and maintenance cost is a thing of the past.

​5. In comparison to Halogen and incandescent lamps, LED lights have an exponentially lower energy output, saving you money on your utility bill. ​

You might have thought about installing lighting to improve your driveway to your business or home.

Is it worth the effort and cost?

Yes, it is.


It should be a pleasant experience to return home at night. When the sun sets, natural and architectural features are transformed into something new.

Highlighting the best features in your home by lighting them up, enhances its architectural design.

illuminating your driveway with a light pattern creates more curb appeal at night.

There is nothing more beautiful than paths that are lit by subtle lighting.

Only a few features can make a home or business feel more luxurious than a driveway and pathway lighting.


Guests who visit your home or patrons of your company should be able to find their way to your door easily.

If the pathway is lit, it’s a pleasant experience to wander your garden in the evening. However, if paths aren’t marked, there is a high risk of getting hurt.

Outdoor lighting provides safety and security. Contact us today to get Driveway/Path Lighting Installed!