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It’s like Christmas in July…Or whenever you want: LD Lighting offers house perimeter lighting solutions.

​Our permanent holiday light solution allows for easy and instant decoration no matter the occasion.

Installed seamlessly under pre-existing eves or gutters, our perimeter lights disappear when not in use.

Intuitive app control gives customers complete control over there lighting system. This includes hundreds of presets to choose from.

​Questions? We will be more than happy to help design the outdoor living space of your dreams.

It is clear that outdoor perimeter lighting is one of the best ways to protect a property. Although it was initially believed that only commercial properties used this type of deterrent, many homeowners now realize the value that perimeter lighting can bring to their home and family.

While it is still recommended to have an alarm system in place, lighting can be enough to deter many intruders. Even emergency lighting is sometimes a deterrent for commercial premises.

Perimeter lighting has been used to protect commercial premises for years. Business owners are well aware of its effectiveness. Some homeowners are reluctant to install lighting and may need more convincing.

These are just a few benefits of outdoor perimeter lighting that homeowners who doubt it might be able to see the positive side.

You Will Feel Safe and Secure

One of the most obvious benefits of perimeter lighting that comes to mind is the fact it drastically reduces the likelihood of a break in occurring. Intruders will not be able to hide their activities in the dark.

The effectiveness of perimeter lighting when used in conjunction with surveillance systems is enhanced by the presence of light. This increases the likelihood of positive recognition. This allows property owners to feel more in control in the event of an incident.

Outdoor perimeter lighting is not only a deterrent but can also provide homeowners with safety and peace of mind. People will feel more at ease walking outside in the dark if there is a well-lit area.

Outdoor lighting makes it less likely that potentially painful accidents like tripping on dark objects or slipping are occurring.

Motion-Detection Lighting is the Best Option

The cost is perhaps the most important stumbling block in explaining the benefits of perimeter lighting. Many people are concerned about the cost of additional energy bills and the installation costs.

This is especially true for those who want to have lighting that stays on all the time. This type of lighting can cause high electricity bills. Motion-detection lighting is a far better alternative.

This type of lighting is only activated when there is movement in the area. The homeowner can rest assured that their energy bills won’t rise significantly. People with perimeter lighting may even be able to save money. Outdoor perimeter lighting could reduce insurance premiums.

perimeter lighting in commercial and domestic properties can bring many benefits. Who wouldn’t want peace of mind knowing that their loved ones and family are safe?