Landscape lighting can be as unique as your home. Whether you want to boost your home’s value or greet guests with a warm glow, strategically placed outdoor lights can enhance its features. Here are some landscape lighting tips that offers safety and security benefits daily, reducing the risk of accidents by illuminating outdoor areas such as patios and pools.

Landscape Lighting Tips

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When installed correctly, landscape lighting can help deter criminal activities in and around your home, especially when paired with visible cameras. According to a University of Chicago investigation, residential landscape lighting has been shown to reduce nighttime crime by 39%.

The perfect outdoor lighting is a balance of safety, beauty, and security. This article will cover the best places to install lighting fixtures to welcome family members, prevent injuries, and deter intruders.

Pathway Lighting

The lighting of pathways provides safety for your family or guests, especially at night. It allows homeowners to enjoy outdoor spaces well after sundown. This investment, particularly with professional LED lighting, has benefited homeowners for many years.

Consider The Following When Choosing Where To Install Pathway Lights:

Illuminate the Pathway: Create a highlight to define the shape of your pathway. To avoid missteps, ensure the lighting covers elevated areas, placing lights approximately one foot from the edge.

Correct Height: Position lights at least 14 inches above ground for a soft glow and ample illumination. In areas with elevation changes, add extra lights to prevent accidents.

Durability: Since people will walk around the lights, choose durable and long-lasting options. LED lights, being energy-efficient and cool-burning, are excellent for illuminated pathways and require minimal maintenance.

Lights for Doors and Entranceways

Home security is crucial, covering possessions and pets. Illuminate entryways and doors to deter criminals and guide guests effectively.

Place Lights In The Following Areas For Maximum Visibility And Safety:

Front Porch Lights and Wall Sconces: Install wall lights one-third of the way up the door on the handle side. For wall sconces on each side, position them one-fourth the height of the front door, elevated to 66 inches for optimal illumination.

Front Door Wall Lights: Above the front door, a fixture one-fourth the width provides additional brightness. If adding side lighting, ensure fixtures are at least 7 inches high.

Landscape Lighting Tips

Looking for a way to spruce up your property? Call us at (321) 401-6442

Uplighting Trees

Transform your home into a nighttime oasis by uplighting trees strategically. This not only enhances beauty but also illuminates large outdoor areas for maximum visibility.

Remember To:

Base Positioning: Place the fixture at the base of the tree, pointing upward, emphasizing leaves, flowers, or branches.

Camouflage: Blend fixtures with the lawn by concealing them in shrubbery or stones, ensuring they accentuate rather than dominate.

Downlights: Consider installing downlights on tree branches to mimic moonlight, creating a natural glow without clutter.

Pool Lighting

Illuminate water features for both aesthetics and safety, especially if you have a pool, garden pond, or waterfall.

Consider These Options For Highlighting Water Features:

Underwater Lighting: Professional assistance is recommended for installation. Lights on the interior walls of pools create a stunning effect.

External Water Lighting: Combine downlights on trees, fences, and plants with ground-level fixtures around the water feature’s edge for a more visible and safer nighttime environment.


Strategically placed landscape lighting not only enhances the beauty of your home but also ensures safety and security for your family and guests. Whether it’s illuminating pathways, accentuating entryways, highlighting trees, or adding a captivating glow to water features, the right lighting can transform your outdoor space into a welcoming and secure haven.

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Landscape Lighting Tips

Looking for a way to spruce up your property? Call us at (321) 401-6442

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