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LD Lighting's outdoor speaker systems are the perfect addition to any event, providing a high-quality sound that will keep your guests entertained. Whether you're hosting a wedding, corporate event, or backyard party, LD Lighting's outdoor speaker systems will take your event to the next level.

How to Get the Best Sound for Your Outdoor Space

Enjoy spending time outside, entertaining guests, or relaxing in your backyard. An outdoor audio system can take your experience to the next level. You can enjoy high-quality sound while soaking up the sun or hosting a backyard barbecue with the correct setup. Here are some tips for installing an outdoor audio system.

Choose the Right Equipment

Choosing models specifically designed for outdoor use is essential when selecting outdoor speakers. These speakers are designed to withstand elements like rain, wind, and extreme temperatures so that you can enjoy your music year-round. Additionally, you’ll want to choose speakers with the right size and wattage for your space. A professional installer can help you determine the appropriate number and placement of speakers to ensure even coverage throughout your outdoor space.

Plan Your Layout

Once you’ve chosen your speakers, it’s time to plan your layout. The goal is to create an even sound throughout your outdoor space, so consider the size and shape of your yard or patio when determining the placement of your speakers. You’ll also want to consider any obstructions, such as trees or buildings, that may affect the sound quality. A professional installer can help you design a layout that will maximize your system’s sound quality and coverage.

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Set Up Your Wiring

Running wires for outdoor speakers can be tricky. You must ensure they are properly insulated and protected from the elements. It’s crucial to use wires specifically designed for outdoor use, such as burial-rated cables, and to bury them underground or run them through conduits. A professional installer can help you determine the best wiring setup for your outdoor audio system.

Consider Your Source

Your outdoor audio system will need a source for your music, such as a smartphone, tablet, or dedicated audio system. You’ll want to choose a source that is easy to control and can wirelessly connect to your outdoor audio system. Consider using a Bluetooth receiver, which can connect to your audio source and transmit the audio wirelessly to your outdoor speakers.

Choose the Right Control System

Finally, you’ll want to choose a control system that is easy to use and can be customized to your preferences. Many different control systems are available, such as remote controls, wall-mounted keypads, and smartphone apps. Consider what features are important to you, such as the ability to control volume, switch between audio sources, or adjust equalization settings.


Liam and his entire team were terrific. Great communication throughout the entire process and always answered any questions I had. Install was awesome, crew was courteous, knowledgeable and did a wonderful job. Super happy with the finished product, and absolutely recommend them for any lighting needs. Can't wait to use them again for more projects.
Adam K.
LDLighting was excellent to work with. They were prompt with an estimate. Gave a date for installation and they arrived on time, completed the job in two days (as stated) and cleaned up all of their debris. I would definitely recommend LDLighting to anyone. They have excellent communication and customer service and we’re always keeping me up to date with any delays prior to installation. I will be using them again when we decide to light up our pool area later this year. Thank LDLighting for a great job. Your work completed our new backyard entertainment area.
Michael F.
Liam and his crew was amazing. We can't get over how our backyard looks at night complete transformation. Thanks again Liam! Would recommend you to are friends.
Eric W.

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Refrain from settling for mediocre sound in your outdoor living space! Upgrade your outdoor entertainment experience with a professional outdoor audio system installation from LD Lighting. Our team of experienced installers can help you choose the right equipment, design a layout that maximizes coverage, and install a wiring system that’s safe and reliable. Plus, we offer various control options to ensure you can easily control your system and customize your sound experience. Contact us today to learn more about our outdoor audio system installation services and take the first step toward enjoying high-quality sound in your backyard.