A well-designed path lighting system ensures safe passage on walkways, stairways, and other outdoor pathways. Pathway lighting is a beautiful and functional addition to any exterior landscape. It provides soft illumination without being harsh. There are many options available, such as garden lights, bollards, and flush lights.

Pathway Lighting

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What Are The Benefits Of Pathway Lighting?

The benefits of path lighting include:

Different Styles Of Pathway Lights

There are many different styles of pathway lights. Homes and Gardens offers an insight into how to enhance your yard with pathway lighting. You can create the perfect lighting plan for your space by understanding your options.

Garden Lights

The DIY lighting kits that you can find at your local home improvement shop often include garden lights. The garden lights are usually between 18 and 24 inches high and have a canopy to reflect light onto pathways and garden beds. There are many different styles of garden lights.

Lights for Downlights

The versatility of downlights makes them a great option for pathway lighting. These lights are usually mounted higher and attached to a pole or wall. The higher the lights are placed, the wider the coverage area they provide. The design of these lights directs the light downwards like a beam of moonlight, illuminating a path or area in the garden without glare.

Pathway Lighting

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Bollard Lights

Bollards, also known as pillars, are brighter than any other type of pathway light. These pillars, as suggested by their name, spread light 360 degrees. They are therefore an ideal choice for beginnings, intersections, and ends of pathways. Limiting their use allows walkers to see the path clearly without being blinded by glaring lights. They are available in a variety of styles, and they can make a stunning addition to your landscape.

Flush Lights

The name suggests that flush lights are mounted in the ground, on a pathway or low into a garden wall. Some flush lights have built-in eyes that direct the light in a specific direction to reduce glare. Flush lights can be used to highlight a pathway or garden without blinding the eye or affecting other landscape features.

Pathway Lighting Design Tips

You can install path lighting yourself if you’re handy. This Old House explains the basics of a DIY pathway lighting kit, and when it is best to hire a lighting professional. These tips can help you achieve the best possible results if you’re tackling the project yourself.

Pathway Lighting

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How To Light Your Pathways Like A Pro

You can easily install a simple set of pathway lights that will guide your guests safely around your yard. Many home improvement stores sell DIY kits that include simple garden lights. This allows even those who are not very handy to have more illumination for their walkways. Lighting professionals can help you create a lighting scheme that will highlight your landscaping while also ensuring a safe and pleasant journey. LD Lightings will assess your lighting needs and create a package of energy-efficient, radiant lights that suit your home. Call LD Lightings today and schedule a complimentary consultation with our lighting experts.

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