Outdoor String Lights Ideas

String lights are the easiest way to update your porch or backyard. Patio light strings can provide extra light for a party or read a good book when the fire pit is running low. Patio string lights are also a great way to set a mood and add a bit of twinkle rather than just lighting a room. The decorative string lights come in a variety of designs. They include vintage Edison bulbs, sleek orbs, and even lanterns. You can find a strand (or several!) that suits your style. String lights can be used to add a little sparkle to dark patios. Check out our outdoor string lights ideas to incorporate fun outdoor lighting fixtures in your backyard.

How to Hang Patio String Lights

You’ll first need to learn how to hang outdoor lights. If you don’t have an outlet nearby, invest in extension cords or battery-operated lights. Use only outdoor-rated lights, extension cables, and other lighting.

Drill screw eyes into a wall, tree, or post when you are ready to hang the string lights. Use small metal carabiners and attach the string to the screw eye. This will prevent the lights from falling off the hook during storms or wind and protect your patio against broken bulbs.

Choosing Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor string lights come in a variety of styles, colors and ideas. They are not decor item that fits all. You should consider two things when shopping for string lighting: length and style. You can measure the size of your patio with a piece of yarn if you are unsure. Homeowners might only need one long outdoor string light if you are lighting a small space.

String lights come in many styles, such as mini-tin can lights, woven lanterns, and clear bulbs. You can also find LED versions that last a long time (like the Better Homes & Gardens warm white LED outdoor string lights, $34, Walmart). Shop around and choose a style and size that suits your space.

Outdoor String Lights Ideas

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Create Boundaries With Lights

String lights can create boundaries in your backyard if you don’t have a fence or patio. These lights, strung across the corners of this house, give off a soft glow that gives the picnic table a feeling of an al fresco restaurant. Two strings hung diagonally in the middle provide extra light for an outdoor gaming night.

Exterior String Lighting

These stunning decorative hanging light fixtures make it possible to swim in the pool after dusk. A romantic evening swim is set by simple string lights draped across arbor beams. The posts of an outdoor structure can be used to create a patio string light pattern. A single set of patio string lighting is sufficient to achieve the desired effect without disturbing the natural surroundings.

Create an Outdoor Room

You don’t need to go large when working with outdoor string lights ideas. These smaller string lights create a more sparkling effect than a fully-lit space. Twinkle lights can be hung casually beneath an arbor or between patio walls. They are used more to decorate and set the mood for fun and relaxation under the stars. They are also great for porches with a primary light source.

Patio Lighting With a Screen

You don’t need to go large when working with patio string lights. These smaller string lights create a more sparkling effect than a fully-lit space. Twinkle lights can be hung casually beneath an arbor or between patio walls. They are more decorative and set the mood for relaxing nights under the stars. They are also great for porches with a primary light source.

Landscape with String Lights

This outdoor string lights ideas resembles a fairytale scene with decorative outdoor lighting hanging from the trees above. This seating area, complete with a comfortable patio set and many pillows, is perfect for enjoying with friends from morning to night. String several patio lights along branches and your home to create a cozy corner.

Complementary Outdoor Lighting

Why not get both if you are debating whether to go with string or pendant lights? A sizeable woven light fixture hangs at the center of a pergola while multiple lighting strands provide ambient lighting. This combination creates a sparkling light while incorporating large trendy pieces such as the woven outdoor lighting fixture.

Outdoor Dinner Party

Our next outdoor string lights ideas is to decorate your patio table with string lights to create the ultimate dining experience. A single string of lights is hung over the center of this alfresco area. Dim lighting is ideal for late afternoon food, drinks, and desserts. If the sun is setting and the party just begins, you will need additional lighting.

Colorful String Lights

String lights with a delicate, romantic look can add an air of romance to an outdoor area. In contrast, colorful lights have an energizing impact. Add color and personality with a string. Blue string lights are used to complement the colors of the seating area and also help to break up the white wall.

Outdoor Twinkle Lights

You may be surprised. You can do it yourself with a few simple DIY fixes. The homeowners used simple wooden posts to hold string lights at two corners of the concrete patio. These posts can hold up outdoor patio lights and display beautiful planters or outdoor lanterns as additional lighting. This space is ready for entertaining once it’s strung up and lit.

Functional Outdoor Lighting

A canopy of large bulbs strung over a comfortable seating area will light up the night. Hanging multiple sets close together will give you more light in an outdoor space. Installation is easy with most patio string lights. This patio string light set is bright enough for the whole deck, so you can continue the party even after the sun goes down.

DIY String Light Planters

You can create your own outdoor string lights ideas if you don’t know where to hang your lights. They’re easy to assemble, and because they are filled with concrete, they can be displayed anywhere. To add some greenery, you can also fill the planters with soil, flowers, or plants.

Lights for Outdoor Entertaining

Stringing lights by a poolhouse, shed, or outdoor dining space can help guests transition indoors to the outdoors. They also provide a subtle hint of where all the fun will be. Consider stringing lights between the house and the outdoor dining area to guide your guests.

Outdoor String Lights Ideas

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