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Late Payments: Unless otherwise specified in writing, invoices not paid within 30 days of the invoice date will accrue interest at 12% per month. Plus 25% on the said account as attorney’s fees and cost of collection in case suit.

Change Orders: If the client requests a modification to works or additional work is being performed then the client agrees to further labor and materials cost. All change orders must be acknowledged by the client and installer and be paid with a 50% deposit and in full once works complete.

Technology: LDDesign LLC is not liable for Wi-Fi connectivity issues, the client’s local network should broadcast a separate 2.4G band ONLY. LDDesign’s lighting system is not compatible with SOME multiple mesh network routers that only broadcast combined 2.4G & 5G bands. Any additional Wi-Fi connectivity diagnosis and repair is subject to additional parts and labor costs.

Warranty: Parts and Labor is subject to a 365-day limited warranty period, after which an $150 call out fee is charged. Warranty is nontransferable and does not cover the following: Vandalism, Settlement, Accidental Damage, Mowers, Weedwhackers, Misuse or Abuse, Structural Shrinkage, Lightning, Property Structure Distortion, Fire, Windstorm, Tornado, Earthquake, Hail, Hurricane, Windstorm, any other acts of God, Mold, Local Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues, Foreign Object Impact, Water and Ice Damage, Dissimilar Material Damage, Sun or UV Fading or Discoloring, Floods, Inadequate Gutter or Roof Drainage, Product Alteration Outside Intended use.

Warranty Compensation: Under the terms of the Limited Warranty LDDesign LLC will repair or replace the defected system using either refurbished or replacement. LDDesign LLC will not be liable for physical damage to the property, including but not limited to the location in which the Lighting System was installed.

Scope of Work: LDDesign LLC agrees to provide the labor and materials list according to the pricing and terms highlighted in the invoiced proposal. The proposal will expire after 30 days of being delivered to the customer. The client may be subject to additional charges if programming, setup, installation or materials not expressly detailed in the proposal will incur charges. The client agrees to pay a customization fee in the event the client seeks additional programs or settings that are not in the default presets

Payments: No work will be scheduled with out a 50% down payment and agreement to the warranty / terms and conditions. Payments can be made by Check, Cash, Zelle, PayPal (subject to a 2.8% fee), Venmo, Cashapp, Apple Pay. In some cases, credit card payments are subject to additional fees. The remaining balance will need to be paid upon project completion.