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Want to add an extra level of security to your home? Let LD Lighting install a full CCTV Home Security camera system.

​Have peace of mind knowing that you can securely access live Ultra 4K HD footage of your home from anywhere in the world, and safely store past footage to the Cloud or an internal hard drive.

We offer multiple different types of home security cameras depending on your needs:

​Open Face Turret Camera

This camera is great for Florida because it will not fog up during stormy humid weather. The open face also reduces glare when recording in night vision mode. These cameras are easy to adjust and discretely blend into your house architecture.

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​Enclosed Turret Camera

The facing on this camera makes it extra durable and tamper-proof. The cover also keeps insects away from the camera lens and leaves your view unobstructed. The dome shape blends discretely into your house architecture.

​Bullet Camera

Anti-fog and anti-glare technology on this camera results in extra clear footage day or night. The similar design to commercial CCTV cameras makes it clear that your property is being recorded and protected.

Enjoy the many advantages of owning a 4K ultra-high definition security camera system. The systems can be set up in minutes and are easy to use. You will have peace of mind knowing that you can access 24/7 secure video coverage from any device, smartphone, or tablet, without paying monthly or subscription fees. Our systems are designed for easy plug-and-play setup and include all of the latest and greatest features such as advanced motion detection, smart mobile alerts, low-light illumination, intrusion protection, full-color video at night, and much more. Contact us today to get a CCTV home security system installed today!