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Pool Light Installation Near Me

LD Lighting was established in Central Florida & Clearwater in 2017. We offer services in pool lighting, screen enclosure lighting, landscape lighting systems, and outdoor entertainment. We will deliver the highest quality work and bring your ideas to reality. LD Lighting offers pool light installation in Tampa!

A pool light can make your backyard feel more like a paradise. A pool light can add value and excitement to your home. Good lighting is a must for homeowners with pools. It is important to have the right lighting. It doesn’t have to be expensive to make your pool more attractive and increase its value.

Pool lights are no longer the white light they used to be. You can choose from a variety of colors and light effects in the water that will brighten up any party or summer night. LD Lighting can help you install a pool lighting system or to upgrade your existing lighting. With many years of experience, we offer reliable and safe pool electric services. Our pool lighting specialists in Tampa are available to help you take your yard to new heights.

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What Is a Pool Light?

Swimming pool lights are recessed lighting fixtures that are enclosed behind large Plexiglas- or acrylic-based covers with a metal band. This seal prevents water from leaking in and cutting off the pool light. These lights are designed to lighten the pool and enhance the atmosphere of a nighttime swim or party with family and friends. Electricity and water are not compatible, so contact LD Lighting, to ensure your safety.

Enhance Your Event with LD Lighting

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Types of Pool Lights

There are many options available for pool lighting in Tampa. LD Lighting, has you covered, whether you need simple lighting, energy-saving bulbs, or a full lighting system, colorful and grand.

We Install Pool Lights In The Following:

  • Incandescent – Is the lighting technology of yesterday. It is still very effective and does the job at a reasonable cost, but there are other options. An incandescent pool lamp is similar to watching standard-definition TV. While we can still see the program, there are many options that will make it more vibrant and enjoyable.
  • LED This lighting is more efficient than standard incandescent pool lights. An LED is a small semiconductor which converts electrical energy to light. It produces less heat than a filament and thus saves electricity. LED pool lights provide a brighter, more efficient light and use up to 85% less electricity. This is something that all of us can appreciate. You can choose from single or multicolor LED pool lights.
  • RGB LED  This pool light will add beauty to your landscape and add color-changing effects and cool light shows via remote control. The best color-changing LED pool lighting today offers a variety of options, including pre-programmed light effects and static colors that will enhance your pool’s nighttime landscape. You can change the colors and effects of your pool lights at any time. This makes it a fun addition to your pool that anyone can enjoy.

Benefits of LED Pool Lights in Tampa

Over the years, LED lighting has almost completely replaced traditional lighting. The main difference between standard lighting and LED pool lights, is the color and visual quality. They are also stronger and brighter and more eco-friendly.

LD Lighting will install any pool light you choose with professionalism and ease. We are committed to providing the best electrical services possible for any electrical improvement you might need.

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Frequently Asked Questions:​

How is the system controlled? The system can be controlled with a set time schedule and/or it can use a light sensor to automatically switch on and off. Additionally, our systems now come with a smart phone app control as standard.

Is there a Warranty? LD Lighting takes pride in our service and works with the manufacturer’s warranty policy period to provide a fully comprehensive warranty, usually from five years to lifetime warranty.