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Pool Screen Enclosure Lights

LD Lighting offers our pool screen enclosure lighting solutions. Our lighting services are top of the line and best in energy saving. 

We design and install new and retrofit systems for screen enclosures from overhead lights to sconce lights.

The patented overhead lighting system can be controlled from your smartphone to access millions of different color options. The system comes with a remote and is WIFI enabled, meaning it is compatible with any smart speaker (Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomePod, etc.) (select systems)

Using LED technology means there are multiple different and innovative ways to light a pool.

What are the Advantages of Enclosure Lighting?

1. Decreased Maintenance Cost – LED lights to outlast any Halogen counterpart and can last a lifetime, meaning bulb replacement and maintenance cost is a thing of the past.

2. Energy Cost Savings – In comparison to the Halogen and incandescent lamps fitted to most pools, LED lights to have an exponentially lower energy output, saving you money on your utility bill.

3. Adaptability – LED lighting comes in many styles including our Overhead Lights (Star Lighting) and Sconce Enclosure up-down lighting.

4. Personalization – We design your outdoor lighting system the way you want it!

Work With LD Lighting

LD Lighting has been providing pool screen enclosure lights services for many years. Contact us today so we can talk more about giving you the most unique look for your screen enclosure lighting based on your budget and needs!

Screen Enclosure Light :

Available in warm white, cool white and color changing options. All lights have smart phone ready timers that have smart speaker capabilities. Color changing system comes standard with remote control.

Overhead Light System (Star Lights):

Color changing WIFI or Bluetooth enabled lights with remote and smart phone app, and smart home speaker compatibility. (select devices)

Screen enclosure lighting