How do you light your pool area? There are many advantages to LED lighting for pools. For more information on LED pool lighting, contact LD Lighting. Although converting to LED will require a small investment in time and money initially, it is well worth the investment!

You can reap many benefits from using LED lights in your outdoor and pool spaces. Here are some:


LED lights consume almost 85% less energy per watt than traditional light bulbs. This will result in less monthly energy and lighting expenses. Although it might be tempting to save money on bulbs for lights and fixtures, replacing them will cost you more over time. LED bulbs are also better for the environment.


The energy savings that LED bulbs could bring to the United States would be incredible if everyone switched to them. Over the next 20 years, LED bulbs will save more than $250 billion on energy costs and reduce carbon emissions. You will also be able to dispose of fewer LED bulbs throughout your lifetime due to their long-lasting nature, further reducing your carbon footprint. LED bulbs are a great way to lower your monthly electricity bill and create a more friendly environment.


Consider visibility when assessing how safe your deck and pool area is. Is it possible to see in and around the pool? If you have children who swim, you want to be able to see the pool clearly and unobstructed. You also want to be able to see your pool at night. This is why you purchase pool lighting fixtures. To enhance safety and visibility, ensure that your pool has the best lighting.


LEDs’ efficiency lies in their durability. The average LED bulb lasts for over 25,000 hours. You could keep your light on for more than 15 years without changing the bulb.


LEDs also have safety features. LED lights don’t emit heat so they pose a far lower fire risk. Incandescent bulbs can release heat that can be dangerous. It is important to mention that pool lighting fixtures can be less frequently replaced and changed, which reduces the risk of injury or accidents.


LEDs are efficient and bright enough to not compromise quality or brightness. LEDs are intensely bright. They can be placed around a pool to lighten, brighten and illuminate the pool area completely – exactly what you need for your outdoor spaces.


Did you know that incandescent bulbs can cause a delay when you turn on the light switch? LED takes less time to heat up so you can have your home lit brightly and quickly from the moment it turns on.


The color rendering index is another benefit you should consider. The LED’s Color Rendering Index is higher than those in halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent light bulbs. This means that LED lights will not distort the actual colors you see. LED lights have vibrant colors that are real and flattering.


A great reason to install LED lights around and near your pool is their great functionality. You can install LEDs with dimming capabilities to create a unique ambiance and reduce your monthly energy bills. Who doesn’t like the flexibility to set the lighting according to your mood, time, and occasion?


Did you ever drop or bump a lightbulb while changing it? Did the filament break? This can render the bulb inoperable and could cause you to abandon your plans to replace it. LEDs don’t use the same filament material as other bulbs, making them more durable. The epoxy that is used to secure the LED (or light-emitting device) is stronger and more resistant to damage.


Because of their 360-degree lighting, LEDs provide amazing illumination. LEDs use all light energy and do not trap or waste it, resulting in better lighting and brightening.

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