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LD Lighting: Your Trusted Partner in Landscape Lighting Los Gatos, CA

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At LD Lighting, we make it our mission to provide only the best landscape lighting Los Gatos CA has to offer.

A place where you can unwind under a starry sky, host memorable gatherings filled with laughter echoing through the night and reconnect with nature itself.

Attaining this magical nighttime ambience requires more than simply stringing up bulbs; to accomplish it requires taking an artful approach to landscape lighting design, creating a symphony of light and shadow that enhances not only aesthetics, but also functionality, safety, and value of outdoor spaces.

Transforming Your Backyard into an Environment of Functionality ​


Unrivaled Beauty: LD Lighting allows you to fulfill any aesthetic desire you have, from classic elegance and rustic charm, all the way through contemporary flair and whimsical appeal.

Enhance Functionality: A well-planned landscape lighting system in Los Gatos unleashes its full potential. Host an outdoor barbeque, enjoy an evening glass of local wine on your patio, and late-night strolls through your garden with walkways and steps lighted by LD Lighting.

Unwavering Safety and Security: Illuminated pathways, steps and uneven surfaces also significantly decrease accident risks in darker evening hours for you, your loved ones and guests alike. In addition, strategically placed motion-activated security lights provide peace of mind as an additional layer of protection for your Los Gatos oasis.

Increased Property Value: Landscape lighting systems add significant value to Los Gatos homes. Our lighting experts use their in-depth knowledge of Los Gatos real estate markets to craft designs that not only accentuate your property but also make it stand out to potential buyers.

Environmentally-Friendly Solutions: At LD Lighting, we take environmental responsibility seriously. That’s why we champion LED technology as part of our lighting solutions; its energy-saving properties mean significant savings on electricity bills.

Energy-efficient outdoor lighting
Outdoor LED Strip Lights
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Your Own Custom Palette: Services Tailored to Fit Your Vision

At LD Lighting, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to suit each client’s individual needs and vision of the ultimate landscape lighting Los Gatos CA has to offer.

Landscape Lighting: Transform your garden into an enchanting wonderland with carefully placed lights to illuminate pathways, water features and lush greenery. 

Architectural Lighting: Bring out the architectural features of your home by emphasizing its special characteristics and add drama and sophistication in the most natural and captivating ways.

Pathway and Driveway Lighting: Provide safe navigation around your property with strategically-placed lighting. 


Redesign Your Backyard into an Area of Practicality

Unparalleled Beauty: LD Lighting makes it possible to achieve any aesthetic you can think of; be it classic elegance, rustic charm, or contemporary flare!

Enhance Functionality: An efficient landscape lighting system unlocks the true potential of any Los Gatos backyard. Host an outdoor barbecue, unwind on your patio in comfort, take late-night strolls through your garden — all possible with well-lit walkways and steps, providing safe navigation after dusk.

Unwavering Safety and Security: Well-lit exteriors act as a natural deterrent against unwanted visitors by eliminating dark hiding places. Illuminated pathways, steps, and uneven surfaces significantly lower the risk of accidents for you, your loved ones, and guests during darker evenings. 

Increased Property Value: Landscape lighting systems designed by experienced landscape designers add significant value to Los Gatos homes. Our lighting experts, with their deep knowledge of Los Gatos’ real estate market, develop designs that not only highlight your property but also draw in prospective buyers.

Environmental Responsibility: At LD Lighting, we support using cutting-edge LED technology in all of our lighting solutions, not only because they are beautiful and long-lasting but also due to their incredible energy-saving abilities and cost effectiveness.

Landscape Lighting Los Gatos CA: Services Tailored to Suit It

No two Los Gatos backyards should have the same lighting solutions, and at LD Lighting we provide customized services suited to meet each homeowner’s individual needs and vision.

Landscape Lighting: Craft a dramatic scene of light and shadow to turn your backyard into a true extension of your living space – perfect for quiet contemplation or lively gatherings alike.

Architectural Lighting: Draw attention to the distinctive architectural details of your home by emphasizing its special qualities. 

Pathway & Driveway Lighting: Provide safe navigation around your property by lighting pathways and driveways appropriately.

Underwater Lights: Make your pool or spa into an alluring focal point with our underwater lighting solutions! 

Tree Uplighting Fixtures: With various styles and wattages available, our tree uplighting fixtures allow you to create the ideal effect in your Los Gatos landscape.

Low-voltage Transformers:. At LD Lighting, we only source high-quality weatherproof transformers from reputable brands for reliable performance and a long lifespan for your entire lighting setup.

Enhance Your Los Gatos Dreamscape: Take Advantage of Our Complimentary Consultation Now

Give your backyard the best landscape lighting Los Gatos CA has ever seen with LD Lighting! Contact them now for a complimentary consultation and let our lighting design specialists discuss your vision before creating a personalized plan tailored specifically to you – from initial concept through professional installation LD Lighting ensures an easy experience for its customers.

We take great pleasure in crafting beautiful, functional, and sustainable outdoor spaces that reflect both the character of Los Gatos and individual client needs. Let us create an outdoor ambiance that highlights your home’s charm while improving its usability – an environment which enables you to fully experience Los Gatos evening magic – making LD Lighting your trusted partner for lighting up your Los Gatos sanctuary.