Outdoor living has become a new lifestyle. American homeowners are increasingly interested in spending more time outdoors, and this is why outdoor living has gained popularity. These lighting trends have also been embraced by professionals in landscape lighting. 

Here at LD Lighting, we are always looking for stylish and trendy landscape lighting solutions to enhance the ambiance in their garden, backyard, or patio. Outdoor lighting can be used for many purposes, including beautifying the outside area and entertaining friends or enjoying beautiful weather.

You should consider upgrading your outdoor lighting if you are looking to remodel your house. This will allow you to expand your living space. Proper lighting will make the space more useful and transform it into a second dining area.

This is a list of 5 landscape light trends that you should consider when updating your outdoor living space.


The technique, also known as “down lighting”, serves two purposes. It preserves the darkness of the sky while providing enough light for safety and navigation. Combining stargazing and landscaping lighting is a wonderful idea for those who have properties out of the city.

To create a natural-feeling lighting effect, use down lighting from trees, roofs, or poles. It illuminates the surrounding areas instantly.


You don’t want anyone or anything to walk on your garden or lawn.

Brick edge lighting is a great way to protect your lawn and pathway. Outdoor lights can be used to keep your turf looking good with brick edge lighting.

Even when there’s no moonlight, lit brick edges can provide a way for you and your guests to get out the front door. This unique lighting design makes each step down feel luxurious. This outdoor lighting design is extremely simple to use but highly functional.


Do you want to find environmentally-friendly landscaping lighting solutions?

Solar lanterns are the latest trend in lighting your pathways. Solar lanterns are beautiful and can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar lanterns that are eco-friendly and cost-effective can be easily maintained and used to reduce your electricity bills. You must ensure that your lanterns get enough sunlight.

They can be installed and used to save money on lighting your outdoor spaces at night.


You will also see pre-strung lighting in many outdoor settings. They are simple to use and make a big impact.

Vintage lights with traditional filament bulbs make a great landscape lighting option. They provide high-level lighting with a warm, unique glow.

Pre-strung lighting is a smart choice for many homeowners and will be a popular trend in 2022. There are two options for pre-strung lights: solar-powered or battery-operated. This means that they don’t need to be plugged in. These lights can be used to illuminate the upper areas of the space.

You can also opt for outdoor pendant lamps which work well in corners and over sectionals. These lights have a retro feel, intricate metalwork, and a sense that craftsmanship to create the right atmosphere.


Smart landscape lighting is a cool trend for homeowners who want to improve safety around their home. This landscape lighting design offers many benefits such as zone control and brightness. The app allows you to change the light colors on your phone. These are just a few ways to make an impact when using smart outdoor lighting.

How LD Lighting Can Help You Improve Your Landscape Lighting

LD Lighting is the best choice for high-quality landscape lighting. LD Lighting is a leader in landscape lighting, offering both modern and architectural designs. You can choose from many trendy and modern options to beautify your garden, patio, stairs, or pathway.

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