Are Solar Powered Security Cameras Worth It

Solar powered security cameras

In a hurry? Call us at (321) 401-6442 Solar-powered security cameras simplify installation; no connection needs to be made to a wiring system in your home! Solar cameras offer greater convenience for setup. You may have questions regarding them, such as their purpose or why it differs from traditional security cameras. Solar-powered cameras eliminate the […]

How Many Security Cameras Do I Need

How many security cameras do I need

Setting up your first home security system can seem intimidatingly complex. The first question you’ll likely ask yourself is, “How many security cameras do I need?”. Security cameras are an integral component of any effective home security plan. Of the 1.4 million burglaries in America last year, 67.2% occurred inside residential homes. Cameras can deter […]

Where to Place Outdoor Security Cameras

Where to place outdoor security cameras

Where to place outdoor security cameras? Outdoor security cameras are an integral part of any home or business security system, helping deter crime, providing evidence in case of break-ins or vandalism, and giving you peace of mind knowing your property is safe 24/7. However, simply installing outdoor security cameras won’t suffice – their positioning is […]