Benefits of LED Pool Lighting

Benefits of LED Pool Lighting

How do you light your pool area? There are many advantages to LED lighting for pools. For more information on LED pool lighting, contact LD Lighting. Although converting to LED will require a small investment in time and money initially, it is well worth the investment! You can reap many benefits from using LED lights […]

Lighting Ideas for Outdoor Entertainment

Lighting Ideas for Outdoor Entertainment

Are you looking to elevate your outdoor entertaining? You might want to update and refresh your outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is a great way to extend your entertaining into the evening without sacrificing quality. Outdoor lighting fixtures provide the perfect amount and type of light you require, whether it is task lighting or mood lighting. […]

Benefits of Driveway Lights

Driveway Lights

Did you know that outdoor decor is worth more than $15.7 billion in the United States? Many people invest in improving the outdoor appearance of their spaces, and it’s a good thing. Are you looking to make your home the center of attention? You might need driveway lights to make your home stand out. Driveway […]

Top 5 Landscape Lighting Trends For 2022


Outdoor living has become a new lifestyle. American homeowners are increasingly interested in spending more time outdoors, and this is why outdoor living has gained popularity. These lighting trends have also been embraced by professionals in landscape lighting.  Here at LD Lighting, we are always looking for stylish and trendy landscape lighting solutions to enhance […]

Outdoor Lighting for Walkways

Outdoor Lighting For Walkways

What Is a Pathway Light? Pathway lighting is a safe way to travel along outdoor walkways and stairs. It is a beautiful addition to your outdoor landscape. They provide soft illumination that enhances the landscape without being too harsh. There are many options available for outdoor lighting for walkways. This includes downlights and flush lights, […]

Maximize Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting

Maximize Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting

Homeowners are always looking to increase the value of their homes. Adding exterior lighting fixtures to your landscaping is one way to do this. Outdoor lighting will not only provide additional safety and security but will also add value and create an inviting environment. This article will help you find lighting ideas for outdoor spaces, […]

Why Hire A Professional To Install LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting


If you didn’t know, any LED outdoor lighting installation has the purpose of accentuating the property and its architecture. It is important to ensure that the lighting systems have been properly installed and they do not have any dark spots. A outdoor lighting professional from LD Lighting will know which fixtures to use and where […]

Why Use Low Voltage Lighting?

low voltage lighting

The invention of 12v halogen bulbs was necessary because halogen lamps have the same brightness and performance as mains-voltage. LED technology is significantly more efficient than halogen lighting in low voltage lighting markets. The benefits of low voltage lighting are gaining popularity and are a significant shift from the standard 230v mains voltage lighting. To […]

Why Should I Install LED Dock Lighting?

Why Should I Install LED Dock Lighting?

We’ll be reviewing some information about LED dock lighting that you can install if your home is on the water. This includes their advantages, placement, and basic guidelines. Increase Safety and Security Safety and security are the main reasons homeowners want LED dock lights in their landscape lighting. Dock lighting lights the area around your […]

Boost Your Outdoor Appeal With Custom Outdoor Lighting!


Does your garden and front yard look amazing in the Florida sun? Wait until you see them at night with curb appeal lighting. It is magical to see the colors of flowers and plants lit with low voltage outdoor lighting. So now is the time to think about adding custom outdoor lighting to highlight all […]