LED Lights For Pool Screen Enclosures!

You will be able to enjoy your pool all day long with a variety of bright as well as calming lights surrounding it when you install lights for pool screen enclosures. The patented overhead pool screen enclosure lighting system can be controlled from your smartphone to access millions of different color options. The system comes with a remote and is Wifi enabled, meaning it is compatible with any smart speaker (Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomePod, etc.) 

If you love swimming at night, then you must have an experience how marvelous it is to swim under the sky. To create such a marvelous view in your pool, you may need swimming pool lights. Pool lighting can make your pool look so beautiful when you are doing the swimming just like under the stars in the fresh air of night.

Using LED technology means there are multiple different and innovative ways to light a pool.

LED Pool and Screen Enclosure Lighting

LD Lighting pool enclosure lights in full color are the ideal addition to any pool, allowing for a wide range of ambiance. Our wall sconce lights are a great addition to any pool. They have unmatched brightness and color saturation.

The LD Lighting lighting system was specifically designed for patio and pool screen enclosures. The system is chemical- and water-resistant, so it is ideal for lighting around pools and outside. Our lighting solution is safe around water because it uses 12v DC. The system can be controlled wirelessly via a remote controller or a cell phone app compatible with Alexa or Google Home. The exclusive Lighting System can be ordered in either base white LEDs, or RGB-W color changing LEDS. These include full dimming capabilities to adjust the light level to suit your mood or needs, as well as up to 8 entertainment (flashing!) patterns.

Pool Lighting with LEDs

One of the most sought-after fittings for swimming pools is the Light Emitting Diode. LED technology is slowly replacing incandescent bulbs as a standard feature due to increased energy efficiency.

The fittings pump voltage through the semiconductor, which emits light. Halogen and incandescent lights depend on burning filaments. Simply plug the LED fittings directly into the power supply.

LED lights are today’s most popular type of lighting. These lights are loved by people because they can come in a variety of colors and last for a long time. They are also extremely energy-efficient. They use around 80% less electricity compared to other pool lighting.

Adds Home Value

You are a lucky homeowner if you have an outside pool. Your home will be worth more than other homes because of this alone. You can increase the value of your home by lighting up the pool. It is important to use LED lights to illuminate the paths and borders of the pool. This will not only make the pool safer but also enhances its visual appearance. You’ll attract potential buyers by having the right pool lighting. To ensure that the wiring is safe from water, it is important to have the lighting installed by professionals.


Consider visibility when assessing how safe your deck and pool area are. Is it possible to see in and around the pool? If you have children who swim, you want to be able to see the pool clearly and unobstructed. You also want to be able to see your pool at night. This is why pool lighting fixtures are so important. To enhance safety and visibility, ensure that your pool has the best lighting.


LEDs also have safety features that are a benefit. LED lights don’t emit heat so they pose a far lower fire risk. Incandescent bulbs can release heat that can be dangerous. It is important to mention that pool lighting fixtures can be less frequently replaced and changed, which reduces the risk of injury or accidents.

Adds Quality to Pool

LEDs are efficient and bright enough to not compromise quality or brightness. LEDs are intensely bright. They can be placed around a pool to lighten, brighten and illuminate completely – exactly what you need for your outdoor spaces.


Because of their 360-degree lighting, LEDs provide amazing illumination. LEDs use all light energy and do not trap or waste it, resulting in better lighting and brightening.

LED Lights Don’t Require Much Energy

While LED pool screen enclosure lights are more expensive than incandescent or halogen lights initially, they will last longer and use less energy resulting in energy savings and cost savings on your electricity bill.

LEDs are Eco-Friendly

Pool owners are always on the lookout for eco-friendly ways to make their pools more sustainable. LED lights for pool screen enclosures are one step in that direction. LEDs consume only a quarter the energy as halogen bulbs. Because they use a semiconductor that produces light with very little heat, The heat produced by the semiconductor is absorbed into the heat sink, which, often, is built in, radiates it back into air, keeping the light cool.

On the other hand, halogens run power through a tungsten filament which produces light and heat. Here’s the problem. Up to 90% of the energy in a halogen globe is lost in heat. This means that you have less energy to power the light and can get a hotter globe.

LED places less strain on our energy grid and emit fewer carbon emissions. Additionally, LED pool lights are less likely to need to be replaced as frequently, which results in less waste and landfill.

LED lights Have a Longer Life Span

LED lights made by top-quality brands will last more than 10 years! LED’s efficiency lies in their durability. The average LED bulb lasts for over 25,000 hours. You could keep your light on for more than 15 years without changing the bulb. When you are looking to replace your pool lighting do so with LED lights.

Little to No Maintenance

LED lights are more durable than other lights for pool screen enclosures. LED Lights require fewer replacements because they last longer.

Screen Enclosure Light Options

Available in warm white, cool white, and color-changing options. All lights have smartphone-ready timers that have smart speaker capabilities. The color-changing system comes standard with remote control.

Overhead Light System (Star Lights):

Color-changing Wifi or Bluetooth-enabled lights with a remote and smartphone app, and smart home speaker compatibility. LED lights can be switched on and off with remote control. Halogen lights cannot be.

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