The best lights for around a pool can be used to brighten up an outdoor area, whether it is above-ground or in-ground. They also make the pool area more secure. There are many options on the market for pool lights that are affordable and high quality. You can choose from all-white lights or multicolor lights, which allow you to create dazzling light shows for your guests.

Four Key Lighting Features that Transform a Backyard Poolscape

It all comes down to where the lights are placed. Some lights will draw attention to a focal point while others will zone a section. Others will create a feeling of safety and lighten a path that creates an inviting environment. They all contribute to a landscape that adds warmth and depth to the overall design. These are the top four outdoor lighting options for your backyard poolscape.

Path and Area Lights

Path lights around swimming pools Adding lights to the walkway at night creates safety and security. This is especially important when lighting an area that is darker than the pool. The lighting of path lights can also enhance the beauty of the surrounding area and provide a sense of serenity, tranquility, and a subtle reflection of the water’s natural reflection.

There are many options for path lights to match and enhance any architectural style. There are many options available to fit large estates. You can also find niche fixtures that will suit your tastes and more elaborate fixtures for backyard pools.

Spotlights and Floodlights

Swimming pool flood lights and spotlights These features are important and should not be overlooked. You can instead include flood lights and spotlights in your outdoor lighting plan to highlight larger spaces for safety or accentuate surrounding foliage, or draw attention to a noteworthy detail that is worth highlighting.

Floodlights are highly recommended for wall, sign, and tree canopy applications. If you want to focus attention on a specific feature of your landscape design, you can use a spotlight to cast a narrow stream and highlight it. Floodlights and spotlights can be used to bring the surrounding area of your pool to life at night with careful planning and placement.

Lanai Lights

Lanai lights for swimming pools LD Lighting lights can be set up for either uplighting or downward lighting. We have lights that feature a frosted PVC lens that provides subtle, balanced illumination. The lanai lights have a brass mount that is pre-installed and has a plastic cover to prevent corrosion when attached to an aluminum post.

LED Color Bulbs

Led color lights for swimming pools LED color bulbs can be used to celebrate holidays, set the mood for parties or gatherings, or simply as an aesthetic. 

These bulbs are ideal for damp areas and will fit in a backyard with a swimming pool. These true-to-color LED lights can add drama and impact to any room with a touch more color.

Consider These Things

There are both above-ground and in-ground pool lights that can be purchased at a variety of prices. The cost of each type of pool light will vary depending on how complicated it is to install. Lights that attach to the pool wall using suction cups, or float on top (yes, they do exist) will cost less than permanent lights that use electricity. Some lights have rechargeable batteries that can charge up via USB. Others require AA or AAA batteries. Nearly all of them are waterproof and safe for submersion. Consider whether the pool lights are multicolored or all-white, and the number of lighting modes. Many include remote control, while others have timers that can be used to conserve battery life.

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