Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Is your backyard patio or deck too dim at night? Maybe you have only one or two outdoor bulbs that are wired to a single switch and not enough lighting for your entire outdoor area. You might be wondering if there are any outdoor outlets that you could use to supplement your lighting. The good news is that the answer is very simple. Outdoor LED strip lights can be used, but they must be weatherproofed and rated for outdoor use. These strips can be used outdoors as accent lighting and are easy to install.

Learn all you can about LED strips before you apply for a credit card. You want to ensure you only buy the best LED strips and not spend too much on ones that may break. We’ll be discussing outdoor LED strip lights and if it is safe to use them outside of your home.

Using Outdoor LED Strip Lights

You should first learn how to use LED strips outdoors. Before you decide where to place LED light strips, you need to plan. This is the perfect time to go to your backyard and take a notepad and a measuring tape. To start planning your LED outdoor light strip installation:

  • The location where the light strips will be installed is important. The most popular locations for light strips are under your deck railing, under your roof, around your windows, and along your sidewalk. You can also search Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration and ideas on outdoor lighting locations.
  • Measure the area in which the LED strips are to be placed. Be sure to account for angles and corners. This will determine how many strips you’ll need. If you intend to power from an outlet, you will need to consider the distance to it.
  • Find the right LED light strip for you by researching LED light strips

Outdoor Strip Lighting Ideas

Outdoor strip lighting is a versatile and stylish way to enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space. Whether you have a patio, deck, garden, or any other area, These outdoor strip lighting ideas can create a stunning visual effect and add a touch of elegance.

  1. Deck Accent Lighting: Install outdoor strip lighting along the edges of your deck to create a soft glow that highlights the architectural features. This not only adds a stylish element to your deck but also provides functional lighting for safety during nighttime gatherings.
  2. Pathway Illumination: Line your pathways with outdoor strip lighting to guide guests and create a magical ambiance. Use warm white or soft yellow lights to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. This not only improves safety but also adds a touch of charm to your outdoor landscape.
  3. Underneath Stair Lighting: Illuminate the steps of your outdoor staircase with strip lighting placed underneath each step. This creates a dramatic and visually appealing effect, making your outdoor space look sophisticated and modern.
  4. Fence and Railing Accent: Install strip lighting along the fences or railings to add a decorative touch and highlight the boundaries of your outdoor area. This creates a beautiful glow that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your space.
  5. Tree Trunk Lighting: Wrap strip lights around the trunks of large trees to create a magical and ethereal effect. This outdoor strip lighting ideas not only adds a unique element to your landscape but also brings attention to the natural beauty of the trees, especially during evening gatherings.

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More Complex Outdoor LED Light Strip Arrangements

You can go crazy with your outdoor LED strip installation. It is possible to make a complicated light installation that spans a long distance if you are an enthusiast. You will need extra materials, including extension cords, battery packs, mounting clips, amplifiers, and a controller/dimmer/switch. Let’s take a look at the purpose of each one.

  • Extension cords – To run LED strips in areas away from the outlet
  • Battery packs – To power the stips which are too far away from outlets, make sure that they are outdoor-rated
  • Mounting clips – To mount more securely
  • Amplifier – To boost power for long runs of LED strips
  • Controller/Dimmer/Switch – To control the LED strips from a switch

You should be aware of the maximum length of your LED strip when you do longer installations. This is the length of an LED strip that can be used before it becomes unusable due to electrical resistance. It is best to use a power source that is 20% higher than the maximum wattage for your LED lights.

“Wattage per foot” is the specification for LED lights. Multiply this number by the length and multiply it by 20% (or multiply by 1.2), to get the Watt size of the power source you will need to run the LED light strip.

Make Sure to Use Outdoor-Rated Led Light Strips

Indoor LED strips might appeal to you as a way to save money and install them outdoors. Indoor LED strips can be damaged if they are used outside. They are not waterproof so they can get damaged or stop working completely.

You can save time and money by being cautious when purchasing outdoor LED light strips.

Work With Professional Strip Lighting Installers

While strip lights are great in that they generate very little heat, they often require a high level of technical expertise to install. If you would rather focus on your project and leave the installation to the experts, it might make sense to hire a lighting specialist.

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