Custom landscape lighting can form a great addition to any home. It’s well worth the cost, as it offers great value for money and really transforms your garden. LD Lighting will design and install a custom landscape lighting system to give your home that extra wow factor.

In today’s competitive landscape, specialty landscape lighting can be the difference maker that allows you to stand out from the rest. Let’s face it; homeowners want curb appeal, and they’re willing to pay for it! Some real estate agents have found that installing custom landscape lighting around their listings can increase foot traffic and generate an average of 10 % more sales!

Let’s break it down and give you some tips. We want to help you get rid of all the stress and show you how to make your home look beautiful every evening.

Store Bought Production Lighting

There are many different styles of lights that we use for outdoor lighting. There are many options for materials, colors, brands, and applications as well. The most popular items will be the ones that a store carries. However, your options are limited to store-bought lighting. This makes it more of a trial-and-error process. You might not be able to love your lights at the end. As with most things in life, a “one-size fits all” approach doesn’t always work out the best. What options are available?

Purchase a Custom Design Landscape Lighting System

This option seems expensive. It doesn’t have to be, you might be surprised. LD Lighting carefully plans and designs landscape lighting that meets your needs. Lighting options are not available in stores.

Our experts are also familiar with layering, lighting, and how it works. It might be a mystery to you how this is possible. Depending on what look you want, we can use multiple lights together to create the perfect look.

In some cases, we might be able to use less light and brighter bulbs. You don’t know the brightness, color, or angle of light when you go to the hardware store to buy lights. We eliminate all the guesswork. We are lighting experts and know how each light works and what is the best to use. Before you have it permanently installed, we will design and install your lighting.

When you invest in high-quality custom landscape lighting, you can transform your home’s exterior aesthetic. The result is a beautiful, elegant look that acts as an outstanding first impression for guests and passersby alike. Landscape lighting can be used to accentuate your home’s features, highlight architectural elements like roof lines and pillars, and create a sense of welcoming ambiance.

Want to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal?

The proper design of a landscape lighting system can be difficult. However, with some planning and the help of an expert, you can create an outdoor lighting installation that is sure to impress everyone who visits your home. With LD Lighting, you’ll be lighting up your life with the best custom landscape lighting.

The outdoor lighting design ideas are unlimited. Whether you want just a few accent lights, or a custom landscape lighting show, LD Lighting is the most professional choice for all of your landscape lighting needs. Call us today!