Landscape lighting placement

Landscape lighting placement has changed over the years in terms of how it is used and where it is placed. Some of these changes have been great and some are better than others.

Landscape lighting, when placed properly, can enhance the beauty of your home and inspire pride in you, as the homeowner.

These are five surprising places where landscape lighting can be used to elevate your home’s look.


You can add an outdoor addition to your property that will bring elegance and create a tranquil ambiance you cannot help but love. If you want to create an outdoor oasis, gazebos and arbors are great outdoor fixtures.

These types of structures are great for lighting landscapes because they draw the eye.

You can also highlight arbors in many different ways. To create a pleasing visual flow, you could use subtle uplights or downlights. Or, you can use patterned lights to make it seem like it is underwater!


Have you ever been on a hike in the evening and stumbled upon a waterfall, pond, or river? It was magical to see the moonlight reflect off the water.

Landscape lighting can be installed around fountains and ponds to create the same effect. The addition of lights will not only enhance the existing tranquility but also make the space easier to appreciate at night. Landscape lighting can create a peaceful, tranquil place for you to relax after a long day.

Potted Plants

Potted plants are one of the most important features of a landscape. They add depth and dimension to the area where they’re kept. You wouldn’t place them there if they didn’t!

You can bring attention to the pathways around your property and make it easier to navigate, while also adding artistic value to the property.

Downlighting is the best way to lighten potted plants. This method involves placing a light somewhere above the pot. It shines down and reflects off any shiny surfaces.

Fire Pits

Fire pits can be a surprising area to light up, but they are still beautiful when lit properly.

You will often find beautiful tile and aged brick in fire pit areas. These can be enjoyed during daylight hours, but are forgotten once the sun sets. What good is a firepit area that you can’t use during the night?

Landscape lighting can help you find your way around the area. It also helps to avoid potential accidents and tripping hazards.


Trees are perhaps the most surprising choice when it comes to landscape lighting. The idea is to highlight the best features of your property. This tends to include the exterior, patio area, and walkways. However, you can achieve a totally different effect by highlighting trees.

A warm uplight can add depth and dimension to your landscape. The light reflecting off the leaves of the autumn season is something that can’t be forgotten. It is clear that landscape lighting should include trees.

Hire a Professional Landscape Lighting Company

Professional landscape lighting can be achieved if you are looking for landscape lighting that will exceed your expectations and still fit within your budget. If you are in need of landscape lighting placement services in Central Florida, there is no better choice than LD Lighting.

Landscape lighting is often filled with mystery, aggravation, and impatience. That’s where LD Lighting comes in. We specialize in making the process seamless and enjoyable. From installation to maintenance and repair services we got you covered. To learn more about our lighting services call us today or visit our website.

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