Unique Landscape Lighting Placement

Landscape lighting placement

Landscape lighting placement has changed over the years in terms of how it is used and where it is placed. Some of these changes have been great and some are better than others. Landscape lighting, when placed properly, can enhance the beauty of your home and inspire pride in you, as the homeowner. These are […]

Store Bought Vs Custom Landscape Lighting

Custom landscape lighting

Custom landscape lighting can form a great addition to any home. It’s well worth the cost, as it offers great value for money and really transforms your garden. LD Lighting will design and install a custom landscape lighting system to give your home that extra wow factor. In today’s competitive landscape, specialty landscape lighting can […]

Choosing the Best Landscape Lighting Company

Best landscape lighting company

The idea of choosing the best landscape lighting company can be a hard one. Can this company be trusted? Do you compare prices? What is the quality of the lighting? Are there any top reviews? How about the experience? Let’s spend a little time to help you ask the right questions so you can get […]

Advantages of Permanent Holiday Lighting

Advantages of Permanent Holiday Lighting

It’s almost the holiday season. Remember last year, when you had to go into storage cabinets to check for holiday lights, install holiday decorations, or climb up to put them in place? These holiday seasons are becoming more difficult and stressful due to the time and effort required, the cost of repairs, and the risk […]

Landscape Lighting Companies – How To Choose

Landscape Lighting Companies – How To Choose

Landscape lighting companies offer a wide range of services and have extensive experience. How do you choose the right one for you? Do you compare prices? What is the quality of the lighting? How about reviews and experience? Let’s spend a little time helping you ask the right questions so you can get the landscape […]

Top 5 Landscape Lighting Trends For 2022


Outdoor living has become a new lifestyle. American homeowners are increasingly interested in spending more time outdoors, and this is why outdoor living has gained popularity. These lighting trends have also been embraced by professionals in landscape lighting.  Here at LD Lighting, we are always looking for stylish and trendy landscape lighting solutions to enhance […]

Landscape Lighting in Tampa FL

Landscape Lighting Tampa FL

The open evening sky always looks beautiful, but when you have landscape lighting in Tampa FL, it becomes more than just a view. It’s like a living space and a new type of art. Tampa is a top-rated city and offers the best Florida living. While the Sunshine State is home to many beautiful areas, […]

Why Hire A Professional To Install LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting


If you didn’t know, any LED outdoor lighting installation has the purpose of accentuating the property and its architecture. It is important to ensure that the lighting systems have been properly installed and they do not have any dark spots. A outdoor lighting professional from LD Lighting will know which fixtures to use and where […]

Boost Your Outdoor Appeal With Custom Outdoor Lighting!


Does your garden and front yard look amazing in the Florida sun? Wait until you see them at night with curb appeal lighting. It is magical to see the colors of flowers and plants lit with low voltage outdoor lighting. So now is the time to think about adding custom outdoor lighting to highlight all […]

The Best Landscape Lighting In St Petersburg FL

Landscape Lighting St Petersburg FL

Are you looking for the best landscape lighting company in St. petersburg FL? If your goal is to find the best source of landscape lighting, then you have just found it. There is only one answer when looking for “ St Petersburg outdoor lighting installation ” and one real choice: LD Lighting! We have been […]