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Professionally designed and installed low-voltage home exterior lighting is essential for exterior beautification, security, and curb appeal.

Before the invention of low-voltage outdoor lighting, exterior lighting was a mix of light fixtures and bulbs. It was once a carriage light, a garage coach lamp there, some lighting under the eaves or an occasional spotlight, perhaps to illuminate the front door during the holidays. 

Professional Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Is In a Class By Itself

Let’s start with illumination efficiency and reliability. LED outdoor lighting uses only 12 volts to power its fixtures, unlike the 120-volt “line voltage”.

Outdoor Lighting Begin With a Low Voltage Transformer

Outdoor lighting transformer is the key component that distributes safe voltage to your outdoor lights. Each transformer is made up of multiple electronic components that work together in order to reduce your home’s 120V system to the 12V required to power your outdoor lighting.

But, transformers are not made the same. Different ratings are offered by different transformer manufacturers. It is important to select a transformer with the right wattage to power the landscape lighting fixtures you intend to use.

Landscape lights that consume 300 watts (six 50-watt pathway lights, for instance) will require a transformer capable of handling at least 300W. However, you may need to exceed that power by between 100 and 200 watts to allow for expansion and to ensure that the load does not get too high. Does that sound complicated? Don’t worry. This is exactly what we do every day.

The outdoor lighting wiring is connected to the transformer and each fixture. It can be used for curb appeal lighting or path lighting, landscape lighting, and outdoor accent lighting.

The thickness of the wire determines how bright your landscape lights will be. For high-power LED outdoor lighting, thicker gauge wire is preferred. However, thinner gauge wire can still be used for low-power lighting projects.

These low-voltage wires are buried six inches below the soil to protect against foot traffic, landscaping traffic, and everyday wear.

A Wide Selection of Versatile and High-Performance LED Outdoor Lighting for Every Need

Our LED low-voltage lighting has a wide range of fixtures that can be combined with each other along the same transformer line. This includes patio lights, deck lights, and pathway lights.

We can help you create any kind of after-dark mood you want with decorative outside lighting. Our latest addition to the outdoor lighting family is outdoor globe lights.

Outdoor Sphere Lights

Outdoor sphere lights are also known as outdoor globe lights or orb lights. They add a soft, whimsical glow to landscapes. Outdoor sphere lights come in many sizes and are great for backyard decoration. Outdoor globe lights are made of strong steel and have LED bulbs that can withstand the elements. They can be hung from trees or other structures.

Outdoor sphere lights offer a unique and elegant lighting solution that can be used to decorate trees and walkways. You can use them in many different ways.

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