How to design landscape lighting? Landscape lighting is a great way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces while also providing practical benefits such as increased security and improved visibility. But designing the perfect landscape lighting plan can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure where to start. 

Whether you’re a homeowner, a landscaping professional, or a DIY enthusiast, you’ll find valuable information in this post on how to design landscape lighting that will make your outdoor spaces shine. So, if you’re ready to add some sparkle to your landscape, read on to learn more about how to design landscape lighting that will bring your outdoor spaces to life.

Get Started With Landscape Lighting

It’s a good idea to have a few items in your possession before you begin purchasing. This will help avoid any extra trips to the store or possible problems with components. To get an idea of the layout of your system, we recommend that you take a pencil and a notepad to start a walkthrough on your property.

These are some general ideas that you should keep in mind when planning.

Landscape Lighting Techniques

Accent Lighting or Spot Lighting

Landscape spotlights concentrate a controlled, intense beam to highlight the main focal points of your garden: flowers and small shrubs. This creates sparkling islands that add interest to your landscape lighting plan.


The texture of tree bark or a masonry wall can be brought out by placing the light near an interesting surface. It is not recommended to grass smooth surfaces.


To project shadowy shadows on walls or other vertical surfaces, light the object from the front and lower.


You can achieve the same magical effect by hiding lights under a bush or tress, as if you were to see it from the sky at night.

Pool and fountain lighting

The dramatic effects of underwater lighting can be created in pools and fountains. To add excitement, install a dimmer to turn lights up. You can also use water to make a mirror, by lighting the area behind it.

Area lighting or downlighting

To cast wide illumination across large areas, mount lighting units high up on trees or in the house. Landscape flood lighting allows you to entertain outdoors after dark and doubles as safety and security. The downlight can be placed close to ground for highlighting steps, paths, or flower beds.

Cross Lighting

A tree or statue can be illuminated from more than one side to reveal its three-dimensional form.


A dramatic effect similar to theater can be created by lighting up from the top (sometimes buried in ground). A flood or spot light can be used to illuminate trees, illuminate statues, or light textured walls. Amazing views can be had from autumn leaves and swirling snow. Concentrate the light on the most important plants and objects in your yard.

Spread or diffuse lighting

Spread lights are used to illuminate larger areas with low-level lighting. These bollards provide softly diffused lighting to patios, decks and driveways. Wall brackets can provide similar lighting functions. The actual fixture should have a greater illumination level than the path or flower bed.


This technique is similar to downlighting but uses soft light sources that are very high up. It simulates the beautiful effect of moonlight shining through branches and casting shadow patterns.

Different types of landscape lighting fixtures

Swimming Pool and Fountain Lighting

These fixtures can be found at the ends and sides of swimming pools as well as in fountain bottoms. For lamp changes, wet niche fixtures can be taken out while dry niche fixtures must be accessed at the back of your pool shell. This application is well-suited for colored lighting.

Outdoor Light Bulbs

You should not overlook landscape light bulbs. You can customize your selection with the wide range of bulbs available. Some people prefer bright illumination while others prefer soft lighting. Watts is a measurement of electricity, but some bulbs produce more light than others. The more light output required, the longer the light throw or the higher the intensity, the lower the light output.

Although it may be obvious, bulbs that produce more light and use more energy tend to cost more. While some bulbs are more expensive than others, you should also consider the lamp life. Lamps that cost several times as much will last longer.

Efficiency, Energy Savings, and LEDs

Certain types of equipment are more efficient than others. For example, you can use low voltage to save energy by concentrating light beams but lacks the same beam throw as line voltage. The newer 120-watt and 65-watt incandescent bulbs produce up to 25% more light. Compact fluorescent bulbs offer soft lighting and high energy savings. Mercury vapor bulbs provide strong illumination and energy savings but still have a cool color that is suitable for greenery.

The best LED bulbs and lights with integrated LED arrays are the best. Landscape lighting is rapidly changing and LEDs are quickly becoming the standard. They are durable and can last years without the need to change bulbs every few months. Additionally, they consume very little energy so you can place more lights on one transformer or use a smaller, more affordable transformer.

Quartz/Incandescent Tungsten-Halogen

A compact light source that provides constant brightness. You can also purchase the reflector (MR), or projector (PAR). You can fit these into smaller, less intrusive fixtures.


We use fluorescentd for signs, walls, and banisters. Compact fluorescent bulbs offer soft light and high energy savings. Some temperature restrictions may apply.

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